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Successful $1.53 Million Settlement with Nationwide Insurance in Iron County, MO

In a recent legal victory, our firm achieved a remarkable $1.53 million settlement against Nationwide Insurance for our well deserving client, who was a passenger involved in a head-on collision in Iron County, Missouri. This client sustained severe injuries, including a Neck Hematoma, Puncture wound in the left thigh, multiple fractures, and a Pulmonary Contusion, all as a result of the accident. The accident required our client and one other passenger to be airlifted from the accident scene to Mercy Hospital STL. In total, there were six individuals with serious and catastrophic injuries from this unfortunate incident.


The collision occurred when Vehicle 1, found to be at fault, was heading southbound on MO49. Their vehicle fishtailed on an icy curve, leading to a loss of control and a crossing into oncoming traffic. The rental vehicle carrying our client was traveling northbound and bore the brunt of the head-on impact. The collision unfolded as Vehicle 1 slid on the icy patch and came to a halt in the northbound lane, while Vehicle 2 spun counterclockwise, partially coming to rest off the road. Both drivers had impaired visibility due to the curve in the road and adverse weather conditions. The diagram below shows the collision drawing and was provided to us by the MSHP.


An intriguing aspect of this case is that our client, despite the severity of her injuries, never required a major surgery, a rarity in cases with seven figure recoveries. This unique circumstance played a pivotal role in our mediation sessions, ultimately resulting in our client receiving more than 50% of the 3 million dollar policy limits tendered by Nationwide , reflecting the extent of her injuries compared to other claimants. While one claimant settled early, another remains pending. The mediation process was protracted due to the complexity of the injuries sustained by other passengers and their attorney’s who demanded that the proceeds be split equally. Splitting the proceeds equally would have been easier and quicker but also an extreme injustice to our client. Ultimately after two failed mediation attempts there was justice for our client.


Furthermore, it is important to note that our client was on a work-related trip and a passenger in a rental vehicle provided by her employer. As a result, we were able to secure recovery for our client on her Workman’s compensation claim, underinsured motorist (UIM) claim  and a lost wages claim. We still have three claims open with other insurance carriers seeking additional compensation.  


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