Slip and falls are probably one of the most common personal injury cases people think of. If someone slips, falls, and sustains an injury, they could have grounds for a lawsuit if someone else’s negligence caused the accident.

Hiring a Ballwin slip and fall lawyer could enable you to navigate the claims process with greater ease and peace of mind. With a personal injury attorney in your corner, the road to recovery could be smoother.

Common Causes Trip, Slip, and Falls

People can suffer a serious fall under a variety of circumstances. If a property owner fails to remove different tripping or slipping hazards from their premises, it can be grounds for civil compensation for the injured party. Our attorneys often handle slip and fall cases that occurred due to:

  • Puddles or spills
  • Pathway obstructions
  • Wet or icy walkways
  • Uneven roads
  • Damaged or missing floorboards or tiles
  • Improperly marked danger zones (i.e., construction zones, holes, etc.)

Any walkway or ground area that poses a safety risk could be a slip and fall hazard. When and how the injury occurred are key factors in determining what compensation the plaintiff is entitled to, if any.

Proving Liability After a Falling Accident

Slip and fall cases can be complicated. First, the plaintiff or their Ballwin lawyer must prove that the falling accident resulted from negligence on the part of the landowner, worker, or another party. This could be hard to do if the slip and fall occurred on public property. While the public can sue their local government for negligence in specific cases, the stipulations for suing the government are very strict. Therefore, a legal representative should advise on how to proceed in a case of this nature.

In order to prove a person or entity is responsible for a trip and fall, the injured party must provide evidence of negligence. Someone who neglected to do their duty or act reasonably in the situation may have been acting negligently, though it depends on what they knew and understood at the time. For example, if a store manager is unaware that a spill occurred on their floor moments after it happens, they may not be held responsible if someone immediately slips and falls.

In Ballwin, plaintiffs may obtain records, videos, and anything else that could help them prove that the defendant knew or should have known that a slipping or tripping hazard existed. Plaintiffs can do this through what is known as the discovery process, as outlined by the state’s Rule of Civil Procedure §56.01.

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If you or a loved one fell and suffered harm due to another person’s negligence, you could be eligible for financial compensation. Even seemingly minor falls can result in torn ligaments or broken bones, and severe falls can cause devastating head or back trauma. Do not hesitate to speak with a Ballwin slip and fall lawyer to discuss your legal options. Call our office today to get started.