Many people may think that collisions between cars and pedestrians are rare, but that is sadly not the case. Pedestrians who are struck by motor vehicles have a high chance of sustaining severe injuries that could permanently affect their quality of life. Therefore, they deserve to receive compensation from the party responsible for their harm.

If you or a loved one were hurt while traveling by foot, consider speaking with a Ballwin pedestrian accident lawyer. A seasoned local attorney could review your case and help you hold the at-fault party financially liable.

How Do Pedestrian Accidents Occur?

Pedestrian accidents can occur due to many of the same factors that cause other vehicle accidents. Driving under the influence, fatigued driving, poor visibility, and failure to yield are all common causes of vehicle collisions with pedestrians.

To reduce their risk of getting hit, pedestrians should always take safety precautions when going for a walk or a run. Wearing brightly colored clothing or reflective gear, staying aware of their surroundings, keeping their music at a low volume, abiding by road signs as applicable, and only crossing the street on designated crosswalks can help people traveling by foot avoid an accident.

Unfortunately, a pedestrian can follow all the safety protocols and still get struck by a vehicle. This is usually because of the driver, so pedestrians should also be aware of the cars on the road around them and the speed at which they are going. Even if the pedestrian has the right of way, a driver who is not paying attention could fail to yield and cause an accident.

Steps to Take After Being Hit by a Car

In the moments following a collision, all parties should make sure they are safe and that the others involved are too. Everyone should check for wounds and any other physical damage done. If the car is in the middle of the road and is still moveable, the driver should move it to a safer area, such as the shoulder, if they are able to and turn on the vehicle’s emergency lights.

The next thing to do is call 911 to report the accident. An officer will go to the scene to take a full incident report and they might even detain the driver for a DUI if they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Before leaving the accident scene, injured pedestrians should document as much of the accident as they are able, whether by taking detailed notes, snapping pictures, or recording videos. It is also important to note anything the liable party might have said or done that could indicate fault, including their apparent mental and physical state at the time. As pedestrians are often catastrophically injured in these types of accidents, a local attorney could also assist in gathering important evidence.

Contact a Ballwin Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Being struck by a negligent driver while traveling by foot can result in permanent, debilitating injuries. As these can impact you for the rest of your life, it is essential to work with an attorney who considers the long-term impact of your accident. Contact a Ballwin pedestrian accident lawyer today to find out how they could help you.