St. Louis Car Accident Statistics

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St. Louis Car Accident Statistics

With a population of nearly 273,000, St. Louis, Missouri, is not only a bustling city but also a diverse and vibrant place to live. The downside to its large population and frequent visitors, however, is that car accidents are common throughout its busy streets. 

If you’ve been hurt in a collision in St. Louis that wasn’t your fault, turn to Roach Law Car Accident Lawyers. We can work to get you the compensation you need to cover the losses you’ve sustained.

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How Roach Law Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You After a Crash in St. Louis, MO

How Roach Law Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You After a Crash in St. Louis, MO

No matter where they occur, car accidents can leave you struggling with serious injuries, ranging from broken bones to traumatic brain injuries. But even beyond the potential physical harm, these accidents often result in car damage, as well as losses related to missing out on wages and other sources of income.

If you’re dealing with any of these physical, emotional, or financial repercussions in St. Louis, MO, Roach Law Car Accident Lawyers can help. 

Our team of St. Louis car accident lawyers can offer a number of crucial services that involve the following:

  • Assessing your case
  • Investigating and gathering evidence to prove your claim
  • Negotiating with other parties
  • Taking your case to court if talks fall through

With three decades of combined experience helping the people of Missouri, our team is ready to guide you through the personal injury claims process so that you can receive fair compensation. 

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Understanding Car Accident Statistics in St. Louis, MO

As reported in the 2022 St. Louis City & County Crash Report, a collective total of 14,375 people were affected by car-related traffic accidents. Of these, 5,358 individuals were injured in St. Louis City, with the remaining 58 losing their lives. Another 8,883 people were affected by car accidents in St. Louis County, and 76 fatalities occurred. 

The most common cause of car accidents throughout St. Louis is speeding. As a matter of fact, speeding contributes to more than half of all fatalities in the entire state of Missouri. It’s important to note that speeding does not only involve going faster than the posted limit. It also includes driving too fast for current weather and road conditions. 

As is true throughout the rest of the country, distracted driving is also a concern in St. Louis County, contributing to 12% of the crashes that occurred in 2022. It’s common for people to text or even check their social media feeds while driving. These actions make drivers less likely to notice hazards on the road, leading to collisions. 

Of course, distracted driving can include much more than just phone usage. Looking away to change the radio station or to speak with passengers can be just as distracting. 

Another cause of auto accidents in St. Louis is impaired driving. In 2023, it resulted in 17% of all traffic fatalities in the state. Having just one drink is enough to make a driver a danger on the road, given how alcohol slows reflexes and impacts coordination. 

How a Car Accident Lawyer in St. Louis Can Help With Your Claim

After a car accident in St. Louis, MO, you shouldn’t file a claim on your own. It’s always wise to turn to personal injury lawyers with experience. 

Missouri is an at-fault state when it comes to traffic accidents. However, it also follows a pure comparative negligence statute, which allows you to recover compensation even if you contributed to the accident. The amount you recover, though, is affected by your percentage of fault. 

All of that is to say you need a lawyer to help you ensure that the other party doesn’t place the majority of the blame on you and limit how much compensation you get as a result. With someone representing you, you’ll be able to prove what really happened. 

A lawyer also knows how to negotiate with insurance companies. Often, people are bullied into accepting low offers, but that doesn’t happen if you have experienced representation. Your lawyer will fight for your rights and take the case to court if you’re not getting a fair deal. 

Most importantly, a St. Louis personal injury attorney offers support throughout the process. These kinds of claims can be stressful, so having someone who knows what to expect and can guide you is essential. 

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You shouldn’t have to deal with the results of a traffic collision on your own. By turning to car accident lawyers with experience, you get the guidance that you need and the best chance to recuperate the losses you sustained. 

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