All property owners have a legal duty to maintain their land and remove any risks that may harm others. However, the responsibility that property owners owe others varies according to the type of visitor involved. A Chesterfield premises liability lawyer could analyze the circumstances surrounding your injury sustained on property belonging to others to determine if you have a valid claim for damages.

When landowners fail to meet their legal duties, they can face liability for any harm that befalls others on their property. Premises liability often necessitates a thorough investigation into the facts surrounding the accident and how it occurred. The assistance of a dedicated injury attorney could be vital in pursuing a premises liability claim.

Defining Property Liability

Many different situations can lead to personal injury claims under premises liability. Generally, these cases arise when hazardous conditions on the property result in injuries to a third party. Some common examples include:

  • Retail store customers who slip and fall on uneven flooring or torn carpet
  • Mall customers who are assaulted after dark in a parking garage due to poor lighting and a lack of security
  • Children who fall into a sinkhole, pond, or pool on property owned by a neighbor that is not marked
  • Grocery store patrons who sustain head injuries when products stacked up too high fall on them, or by slipping on a spill that has not been cleaned up

Although property owners and managers have a reasonable duty to inspect their premises and remedy any hazards periodically, they are not expected to fix every problem immediately. However, they do have a duty to recognize and warn third parties of potential hazards. A premises liability lawyer in the area could assist in evaluating any potential injury claims for individuals who sustain injuries on property belonging to others.

Landowners and the Duty of Care

To be liable for injuries that occur on their property, the property owners must know or reasonably should have known that a dangerous condition on the premises existed. They also know or should have known that the situation could be hazardous to others coming onto the property if they have no warning of the condition. The degree of care that the property owners owe to others depends on their role in entering the property.

For example, the duty of care that property owners owe to guests is quite different than the duty of care that they owe to trespassers or intruders. Trespassers may be unable to file a premises liability claim since these individuals have no legal right to be on the property and therefore are not owed a duty of care.

In contrast, when guests or customers are present on private or public property, they have a right to expect a measure of safety. Unless the property owner warns them of a hazard or takes the initiative to remove the danger before others enter the property, individuals who are injured due to unsafe conditions may have a legitimate claim. A premises liability attorney in Chesterfield may be able to assist individuals who suffer injuries under these circumstances.

Talk to a Chesterfield Premises Liability Attorney for Advice

Premises liability laws can be complicated and determining whether you have a valid claim can be challenging. Enlisting the help of a local premises liability lawyer may allow you to evaluate the merits of your claim and your potential options for resolution. By getting the information you need, you could make the decisions in your case that are right for you.

Holding negligent property owners accountable for failing to maintain their land could be made easier with strong legal counsel. Schedule a consultation today to begin working on your recovery claim.