Whether running, biking, or walking, people traveling by foot are at substantial risk of harm from negligent motorists. Since pedestrians have no protections from catastrophic harm, it is vital that motorists stay aware of people traveling by foot nearby.

There are some common pedestrian accidents in Chesterfield that our lawyers could help you better understand so you can avoid them. However, if you or a loved one were struck by a driver while traveling by foot, do not hesitate to speak with our hardworking injury attorneys for legal guidance.

How Can Weather Impact Collisions with Pedestrians?

While it cannot remove liability, weather can play a major role in accidents between motorists and pedestrians. However, weather does not always have to be bad to influence a collision.

For example, local attorneys commonly see more collisions between vehicles and pedestrians during the summer months. This is because there is increased pedestrian traffic as the weather improves. Since drivers are not accustomed to looking for people walking near roadways, they may not be as vigilant as they should be to avoid a wreck.

That being said, poor weather conditions can also impact collisions with pedestrians. During heavy rain or snow, a driver’s visibility may be decreased, making it difficult for them to see nearby pedestrians. Additionally, if the roads are slick, they may be unable to stop their vehicle in time to avoid colliding with someone traveling by foot.

Where Do Pedestrian Collisions Commonly Occur?

Collisions between drivers and pedestrians can occur anywhere the two coexist. However, there are some areas that these accidents more commonly occur, including crosswalks, parking lots, and stop signs.


Crosswalks are one of the most common locations for pedestrian accidents to occur in the area. Pedestrians almost always have the right of way at a crosswalk, making it the driver’s duty to slow down and pay attention to their surroundings.

Parking Lots

Parking lots and garages often have a lot of pedestrian activity. When drivers do not check their blind spots before backing out of a space, or if they drive too quickly down the aisles, they can strike someone walking by. This is especially dangerous when it involves small children, as they can be more difficult to see and suffer more devastating harm even at slow speeds.

Stop Signs

Pedestrians are also required to follow the rules of the road, meaning they too should stop and yield to oncoming traffic when they approach a stop sign. If a person does not stop and walks into the roadway, they may be struck by a motorist. For this reason, both vehicle drivers and pedestrians should always be mindful of their surroundings when at a stop sign to avoid causing an accident.

Discuss Common Pedestrian Accidents with a Chesterfield Attorney

Being struck by a negligent driver when you are traveling by foot can result in devastating, long-term harm. Therefore, it is important for both motorists and pedestrians to be aware of their surroundings and to follow local traffic laws to avoid collisions.

Our team of attorneys are familiar with the common pedestrian accidents in Chesterfield. Speak with our team today to learn more.