Kaitlyn Erdman killed in I-55 bigrig accident near Lexington, Illinois.

Robert Harris of Hobbs, NM, has been charged with criminal offenses related to his conduct concerning a traffic accident that lead to the death of a 25-year old Illinois woman, Kaitlyn Erdman. The accident began at approximately 6:15 pm on Friday, June 15, when the big rig Harris was operating experienced a blow out. Harris attempted to bring his vehicle to a hault along the road, but was forced to turn back into traffic upon realizing the area he was aiming for was already occupied by an abandoned vehicle.

Upon re-entering traffic, Kaitlyn Erdman slammed into the rear of Harris’s semi-truck. Harris was cited for failure to maintain his equipment in proper working condition, failure to obey posted speed limits, and failure to maintain his situational awareness. Kaitlyn Erdman is survived by an infant daughter.

A car wreck can be a deeply traumatic experience, especially when it ends in a fatality, and especially when it involves a large commercial vehicle like a tractor-trailer of big-rig. We at the law offices of Kevin J. Roach wish to extend our deepest condolences to the family of Kaitlyn Erdman, and we hope that they may find some peace in this time of extreme hardship.

The Legal Claims

Illinois offers a comprehensive system of personal injury law meant to protect persons who are injured through another party’s negligence. Here, Robert Harris and his employers are likely at fault both civilly and criminally, and the family of Kaitlyn Erdman will be entitled to compensation for any of her lost wages, pain and suffering, damaged property, and medical bills incurred as a result of the accident through Illinois’s wrongful death regime, as well as compensation for their own claims for emotional damages and lost material support.

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