Click here to visit our virtual food drive!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many families and individuals are left in positions where getting the food and supplies they need has proven to be quite challenging. This is due to individuals losing their jobs and cannot afford groceries, having a pre-existing condition preventing them from going to the store, or they simply don’t have the means or ability to get the supplies they need. Food banks and food drives are working overtime to provide food and supplies to those who need them most.

The Law Offices of Kevin J Roach, LLC is thrilled to be partnering with the St. Louis Area Foodbank in order to help support our community in this time of need. Attorney Kevin Roach and his team are hosting a COVID Relief Food Drive at their office in Chesterfield, MO from now through Monday, June 30th. This food drive will ensure that families in the community have access to healthy food and meals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are unable to provide an in-person donation but would like to participate, please consider making a donation through our virtual food drive where you can purchase specific meals and food to donate to families. There is also an option to donate money, and these money donations will be used to purchase items and provide meals as well. Every dollar donated will provide four meals to those in need within our community.

During a time of crisis, it is important we come together as a community and support our neighbors. Please help us to provide meals to those directly affected by the pandemic by donating either online or in person. Every little bit goes a long way and we can all come together to make a difference.

In-person donations will be accepted at 400 Chesterfield Center #400, Chesterfield, MO 63017.