Traffic Deaths on the Rise for 2015

St. Louis Car Accident Injury Attorneys - Law Offices of Kevin J Roach, LLCTraffic fatalities are a daily occurrence in the United States, but the number of individuals that die due to traffic accidents can vary. Unfortunately, the numbers for 2015 are on the rise – already 14 percent higher than last year. If the numbers continue to rise, 2015 could be the deadliest year for motorists since 2007.

An article published by CNN last month discussed the findings from a recent report issued by a non-profit organization, the National Safety Council. In this study, the NSC discovered that there were more than 18,600 auto accident-related deaths from January to June 2015 compared to 16,400 deaths for the same period in 2014. The NSC also estimates that these deaths have cost over $152 billion, which is up by 24 percent from the same period in 2014.

Some of the costs included within that $152 billion are productivity losses, employer costs, wage losses, medical expenses, administrative expenses, and property damage.

Why the Increase in Traffic Fatalities for 2015?

There are a few theories which contribute, according to the NSC, to the jump in auto accident-related deaths for 2015. These three theories include:

  • More affordable gas prices. One contributing factor according to the NSC is that there are more people driving on the roads during 2015 because of cheaper gas prices. In fact, the price per gallon has significantly decreased and is now down by 30 percent compared to 2014. With gas cost so low, more motorists are taking advantage of the low prices and skipping making use of car pooling or public transportation – which increases the volume of traffic each day.
  • More jobs and more commuters each day. There are also more people commuting to work each day in the United States thanks to the improving economy. Jobs have been steadily flooding the market throughout 2015 and there are more jobs expected for the rest of the year – only increasing the number of commuters in the United States.
  • Distracted driving is still a common occurrence. Unfortunately, the other contributing factor according to the NSC is that drivers are still engaging in distracted driving practices – despite nationwide bans on texting and the fact that some states have even implanted a no talking while driving law. Drivers, according to the NSC, are “addicted” to their devices; therefore, they would rather risk safety than put down the device while operating a vehicle.

Can You Decrease Your Risk?

There are things that drivers can do to help lower their risk for accident and injury while on the roads in 2015. Some of those things include:

  • Carpooling and limiting how often you drive – consider carpooling even once a week or taking public transportation to help reduce traffic.
  • Never drive while distracted, drunk or otherwise intoxicated. If you cannot focus on the road ahead, you are putting yourself and others at risk.
  • Always use safe driving practices and never engage in aggressive driving.

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