Breanna Regan, 13, of Qulin, injured in Butler County crash

13 year old Breanna Regan, of Qulin, MO, and 31 year old Hanna Ellington, also of Qulin, were injured in a traffic accident on Highway 53 at Thomas Street in Butler County. The accident began at approximately 10:30 am when a sedan operated by Cathy Sratton, 39, of Poplar Bluff, slammed into a vehicle driven by Jerry Reel, 79, of Holcomb. Mr. Reel in turn slammed into the vehicle carrying Ms. Regan and Ms. Ellington, both of whom were moderately injured and had to be transported to Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center for further observation and treatment.

A traffic accident can be a perplexing and even painful experience. Traffic accidents that end in the injury of a young person are particularly traumatic. We at the law offices of Kevin J. Roach wish all parties a quick and thorough recovery, and extend our sincerest thoughts to the Regan family.

The Legal Claims

Missouri offers a thorough and robust system of personal injury laws meant to protect parties who are injured through another person’s negligent actions. Here, Ms. Stratton appears at fault and the claimant will be entitled to payment for lost wages, pain and suffering, any damaged property, as well as any medical bills incurred as a result of the accident.

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