Spinal cord injuries are serious and require immediate medical treatment when they occur. Once you have been treated, your best option is to secure compensation so you do not take a financial hit. Speaking with a Wildwood spinal cord injury lawyer could put you in a good position to recover your losses and restore some balance to your life.

An experienced catastrophic injury attorney could be your legal advocate in court and your ally in navigating this difficult chapter of your life.

Services Provided by an Attorney

When a person with a spinal cord injury comes in for a consultation, they have the opportunity to share all relevant information with a lawyer, who could then use that information to formulate a plan of action. A Wildwood spinal cord accident attorney has the resources and connections to investigate the accident, analyze the patient’s medical records, and determine which parties should be listed as defendants. Every case is different, so a lawyer should provide the plaintiff with personalized guidance and take the time to truly understand the nuances of their particular situation.

Determining Responsibility After a Spinal Cord Injury

Many people tend to think that an accident precludes them from securing compensation but there are many situations where someone might be liable. A list of parties that are commonly liable in a spinal cord injury accident include:

A spinal cord injury lawyer in Wildwood could take the time to determine who was at fault, including whether multiple parties could be named. For example, a truck driver could act recklessly and crash into someone’s car, causing a spinal injury. However, if the trucker’s steering wheel or brake pedal were defective, the manufacturer of those parts could also be named.

Police reports and medical records may be used as evidence in order to assess blame. It is important that a lawyer gain access to these documents, as well as any photographic or video evidence related to the incident.

Compensation Available After a Spinal Cord Injury

The compensation available to someone after a spinal cord injury accident is diverse. They might be looking at years of expenses and should not be forced to recover by paying for it themselves. Fortunately, Missouri law allows for many of these expenses to be included in a personal injury lawsuit.

Medical costs — Medical costs begin the moment EMTs attend to someone at the scene of the accident. These costs continue through doctor’s visits, surgeries, medications, and medical equipment.

Recovery care — Recovery care includes physical therapy, mental health counseling, and additional doctor’s visits to check on progress.

Lost earnings — Earnings that someone has lost due to the accident include all the hours they missed at work. If the spine damage is severe enough, it prevents them from going back to their job or ever working again. A hired expert could help calculate what the total value of this loss might be.

Pain and suffering — This is paid to those who suffer chronic pain and notice a dramatic decline in their quality of life after an accident.

Emotional suffering — Emotional suffering attempts to compensate for the emotional and psychological issues a person must endure as a result of the accident and of any potential long-term damage, such as paralysis.

Learn Your Options from a Wildwood Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

After a spinal cord injury, you have the right to call us for a free consultation. When you retain a Wildwood spinal cord injury lawyer, you could seek maximum compensation for your injuries and losses. If you have a case, we will stand by your side throughout the process and fight for what you deserve, so that you can once again have peace of mind.