When a product is in the market for sale, consumers are generally able to assume it will be safe when used as directed. However, sometimes a product manufacturer’s negligence can result in a product being defective, leading to serious injuries to consumers.

With the help of an experienced Wildwood products liability lawyer, you could hold the party responsible for the faulty good financially liable. A seasoned local attorney could investigate the cause of the defect and put together a strong claim to damages.

What is the Duty of Care for Product Manufacturers?

Product manufactures are required to provide products that are safe for consumer use. If the product has any risks associated with it, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to provide sufficient warning labels and directions so the consumer can safely use the product. Failure to meet this standard could be grounds for a civil suit.

Revised Statutes § 537.760 defines a product liability claim under state law. When a product is entered into the state’s stream of, any negligence committed by the manufacturer could lead to liability for any resulting harm. Negligence on the part of the manufacturer could occur during the products design, manufacturing, or labeling.

Defects in Product Design

If a product is designed in such a way that it is dangerous and could cause harm, the manufacturer may be responsible for any injuries that result. A design defect means that, even if the product is put together and used correctly, it is still inherently unsafe for use.

Design defect claims typically require expert testimony to help show how the product’s design was unsafe and provide examples of how the product could have been safer. A local attorney could also have an expert witness explain how this design defect directly caused the consumer’s harm.

Errors in Manufacturing Processes

Even if the design of the product is perfectly fine, an error during the manufacturing process can make an otherwise safe product dangerous. This often occurs due to unsafe manufacturing conditions, defects in the materials used to make the product, or improper processes.

Safe manufacturing processes are very important to making safe products. A skilled products liability attorney in the area could investigate the manufacturing process to determine whether the manufacturer’s negligence led to the plaintiff’s injury.

What is a Failure to Warn?

Another type of products liability claim has to do with a manufacturer’s failure to warn consumers of the dangers of their product. Some products are dangerous when misused, or even when used as directed. Appropriate warnings and directions are necessary from the manufacturer to help reduce or prevent the occurrence of harm to consumers.

Failure by companies to warn of known risks of their products may result in liability. A Wildwood attorney could use a product manufacture’s liability to help compensate an injured consumer for lost income, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

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