What Qualities Should a Personal Injury Attorney Possess?

Interviewer: When someone is looking for an attorney, what are some qualities that they should be looking for?  At the same time, what are some red flags, too?

Experience Is an Important Attribute

Kevin Roach: If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer, you want to find someone that has a lot of experience in that area of the law. You also want to find someone who can give your case the time and attention it needs.  I see many people who go with the big firms that are advertised on TV, but after their initial meeting, nothing happens.  The initial stages of you case are the most important and you want to make sure your lawyer has the time to work on your case from day one.

What Size Firm Would You Feel Comfortable Working with?

Another thing you want to consider is, and people can get a kind of a feel for it themselves, is a personal preference.  Whether you’re looking for a smaller firm who will give you lots of personal attention, knowing who you will be taking to from your first consultation to your settlement, or if you are looking for a larger firm that may have more resources but will treat you more like a number, being passed from attorney to attorney.

Would You Prefer More Personalized Attention from an Attorney?

Typically at the larger firms, a lot of times you'll meet with the legal assistant or a senior attorney initially then eventually your case gets handed off to somebody else.  I hear complaints from people all the time.  For instance, “I met with this attorney initially and then my file went to somebody else.  Then that attorney left and then somebody else handled my case and I didn’t know who was handling my case anymore and no one returns my calls.”

Sometimes attorneys in any size practice get overwhelmed.  What we try to do here is keep a manageable number of cases so that we can provide a consistent level of service to our clients.  I try to return any phone calls the same day.  I also like to keep my clients regularly updated on their cases so they don’t have to call wondering what’s going on. These simple steps tend to keep people happy.

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