What If The Other Party In The Accident Did Not Have Insurance?

Interviewer: If the other person is uninsured or may be even just under-insured, will I still be able to get money for my insurance?

Kevin Roach: In Missouri, if you're hit by an uninsured driver you're allowed to file a claim on your uninsured motorist policy, or UIM. By state law, you're required to have insurance on your vehicle. If you're hit by someone that's uninsured you're claiming on your own uninsured motorist coverage.

In Missouri one thing that is important to understand about uninsured motorist coverage is a lot of times you can stack that coverage. Say you have more than one car and you have uninsured motorist coverage on all of your vehicles. You stack that. If you have $25,000 on four different cars you can stack that and lot of times if you have four cars you would up your coverage from $25,000 to $100,000. That's something important to remember about uninsured motorist coverage.

There is also underinsured motorist coverage, which lot of times people will confuse with uninsured coverage. Underinsured, commonly referred as UM, and is optional in Missouri. You can buy it, and it's always recommended that have UM coverage, because it's pretty cheap coverage to have and it's good coverage to have. If you're involved in a serious accident and you're hit by an individual who has minimum coverage that may only have $25,000 and your car is damaged, it could be well over that amount so then you can claim it on your underinsured motorist coverage and lot of times that coverage is stackable as well.

If you're hit by someone that's uninsured or underinsured, typically it always falls on your own insurance so that's why it's always good to have high coverage on your vehicles so you're protected from the other guy that may hurt or injure you or your family.

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