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ST. Louis, MO Top 3 DWI Hot Spots

DUI Statistics

Interviewer: You have this article, it says that drunk drivers are ten times more likely to get arrested in one small town. First of all, what is this article talking about? Is it just an analysis?

Kevin Roach: Basically, what it breaks down are the statistics that the Missouri Highway Patrol puts out every year. Missouri Highway Patrol puts out statistics that show the number of arrests in any particular county or municipality in the Saint Louis area.

This sheds light on the fact that some of these Saint Louis municipalities write an inordinate amount of DWIs for the size of the town. There are three particular municipalities that are highlighted in this article. These three are considered the top three places to get arrested for DWI in the Saint Louis area.

Town and County Missouri is #1 in St. Louis DWI Arrests

The number one municipality in St. Louis to get arrested for DWI is Town and Country. This is consistent with what I see. I have people call my office almost every week who were arrested for DWI or DUI in Town and Country looking for a DWI lawyer.

Town and Country is a relatively small suburb in the St. Louis area. The population in Town and Country is a little more than 10,000 people. However, they write over 500 DWI citations every year. What this article highlights is the fact that in comparison to other St. Louis municipalities, you’re 10 times more likely to be arrested for DWI when you’re driving in Town and Country than any other municipality.

Town and County has Over 500 DWI Arrests Every Year

The reason why is where Town and Country is situated…. it located on two major interstates – Highways 270 and 40. Typically, when you’re out, you’re downtown at a ball game or you’re over at the casino or you’re at Westport, you have to either take 270 or you have to take Highway 40 home. In Town and Country, what they do is they sit on the highway and then they just flag people late at night. I’ve been told by reliable sourced that they just pull over every 10th car at certain times of the night.

Interviewer: There’s like a traffic stop thing?

Kevin Roach: Yes. They’ll do sobriety checkpoints occasionally but the majority of the arrests just come from random people that they pull over for allegedly swerving or speeding. They’re usually lane usage tickets.

Every once in a while, I see somebody get stopped for speeding but it’s usually lane usage because it’s very subjective. You swerved a little bit but the reality of it is it’s between one and three in the morning and the bars just closed and they just have heightened scrutiny on anybody that’s on the highway. That’s how they get so many people because they get you when you’re coming home.

Interviewer: Do they get a lot of speeding tickets as well?

Kevin Roach: Town and Country does. As far as other municipalities, I’m not sure about what the statistics are on their other traffic citations. Of course when you get a DWI, there’s always a companion ticket and a traffic citation to go with it. It seems like they just really focus on the DWI arrests in Town and Country.

Maryland Height Has Second Most DWI Arrests in St. Louis Missouri

There are other municipalities in St. Louis area that write a large number of DWI’s. The article talks about three main ones. The three top places to get arrested for DWI in Saint Louis are number one, Town and Country. The second one is Maryland Heights. The third place is Creve Coeur. Those are the top three municipal courts.

Creve Coeur Missouri is Another DWI Hot Spot in St. Louis

Town and Country and Maryland Heights are neck and neck every year for DWI arrests. They pride themselves on being number one. There have been some years where Maryland Heights is number one and Town and Country is number two. They flip flop but both of these municipalities are very dependent on their revenue that comes from these DWI arrests. They’re very small community courts.

Maryland Heights is around 27,000 people. They have cited an inordinate number of people. They have close to 500 DWI arrests every year. That’s a lot of DWI arrests. When you look at St. Louis County, which is a huge area; they have a total of 1,300 DWI arrests. There are over a million people living in St. Louis County.

The statistics are pretty telling. It’s obvious that these municipal courts – Town and Country, Maryland Heights, Creve Coeur and some other ones like Saint Peters, O’Fallon, and Chesterfield – are very dependent on the revenue stream that they get from these arrests. That’s the point of this article is just the statistics. The statistics are very telling.

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