The Importance Of Taking Pictures After An Auto Accident

Interviewer: Let's say I took picture of the accident scene with my phone. Can those pictures be used as evidence in my favor?

Kevin Roach: Yes. Typically if you take a picture it could be authenticated and it could be admitted into evidence if your case goes to trial. I've had that happen quite a few times where my clients will take pictures of the vehicle, of the damage, or of the roadway or the intersection just to document everything. Absolutely, those pictures are very important pieces of evidence and I always encourage my clients to gather as much information as they can that is related to the accidents they're involved in.

Interviewer: Would you encourage them to be proactive? Would it help if I wanted to take pictures of my injuries on a daily basis to show a timeline? Would that help you?

Kevin Roach: I think definitely taking pictures of your injuries is a good idea. It documents your pain and suffering. I don't know if you necessarily do it on a daily basis, but maybe take some pictures that show bruising or scaring or disfigurement. There may be pictures of you in a hospital bed. Stuff like that is great. Pictures are very important.

I know that whenever we submit a settlement demand on auto accidents it always beats up the demand a lot if we have lots of pictures just to document the injuries and it shows them that we have what we need to prove the case if and when it goes to trial. Absolutely, that is very important for a case.

A lot of people don't do that and a lot of people don't hire an attorney right away. They may think they don't need any pictures or a lawyer for an auto accident. They do that and then it's too late, because lot of times, once you're out of the hospital, once the bruising or the cuts or whatever it may be heal up and you can take a picture of it, it's going to be harder to prove all the pain and suffering that you went through and that's why it's never bad to take some pictures.

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