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motorcycleMissouri Motorcyclists are in a unique position when riding on the road. They can enjoy the freedom and exhilaration a motorcycle provides, but they are often the victims of not being seen, or protected like their driving counterparts in cars and trucks.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists are more likely to be seriously injured in an accident than people in automobiles. Also, rules and regulations for helmets, insurance and driving on the road differ from state to state. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in the St. Louis, Missouri area, it is very important that you retain the aid of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney.

There are many common causes for motorcycle accidents, including:

  • Other motorists failing to see the motorcycle
  • Inexperienced motorcycle riders
  • Speeding
  • Motorcycle malfunction
  • Under/Over braking

Since a motorcycle does not function nearly the same as a car, and the consequences of a motorcycle accident can be much more serious, an experienced motorcycle attorney may be needed to help you with your case. A motorcycle attorney will be able to explain the differences between normal car accidents or truck accidents and a motorcycle accident.

Due to the differences between motorcycles, cars, and trucks, and the way that each of them function, placing the liability in a motorcycle accident can be difficult. Don’t let just any attorney represent you if you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

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