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Possession of Stolen Property in St. Louis Missouri

Interviewer: What about like theft of lost property? Hot goods or stolen goods.

Kevin Roach: Possession of stolen property, that's a common offense you see here in St. Louis where someone will knowingly maybe purchase something online, it's got a really cheap price to it, and they may know or have reason to know that it's stolen property and they take possession of it, that's also a felony. Theft of abandoned property though, that's not something you see, I don't think I've ever seen that before either.

Knowingly Purchasing Stolen Property is a Criminal Offense in Missouri

Interviewer: When you're talking about online, you're talking about on the lines like Craigslist or someone gets something at a flea market, or maybe a pawn shop, like a cell phone, and someone legitimately bought it, but it turns out that that person was searching their cell phone  for about a month and tracked that person down, could that person get into trouble for it?

Kevin Roach: Well if they knew or they had reason to know that it was stolen, if you bought something at a pawn shop, I think there'd be a reasonable expectation that it's not stolen, it would be the pawn shop's responsibility to make sure that it's not stolen so they would have to prove you knew or had reason to know that the property was stolen. So in that scenario they'd probably just lose the cell phone, they wouldn't probably be charged with possession of stolen property. Not something I see on a regular basis would be stealing of services.

Improper or Non Existent Execution of Services in Lieu of Payment Provided May Also Result in Theft of Services Charges

Interviewer: Would that pertain also more to contractors and individuals that hire contractors, maybe they say hey, that contractor didn't complete the services or I'm not going to pay for those services, or is that more of a civil matter?

Kevin Roach: A contractor, maybe they were paid X amount of dollars to build a deck, and they never showed up to build the deck, they could be charged with stealing but it would probably be more of a fraud type charge, it could go to state court or federal court depending on the circumstances. Sometimes the police department chooses not to charge those types of situations and you're stuck with just going to civil court. Those cases can go either way, it's kind of very random, the cases they decide to charge and the ones they don't. But with contractors and such, a lot of times they just leave it up to the civil courts.

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