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O’Fallon DWI Defense Lawyer

Experienced DWI & DUI Defense Attorney for O’Fallon, Missouri

If you have been accused of DUI (driving under the influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated) in O’Fallon, Missouri, you are facing not only an extremely serious criminal charge but also a particularly aggressive prosecutor’s office. You need an O'Fallon DUI Defense Attorney on your case.

The ramifications of a DUI/DWI conviction in Missouri can follow you for the rest of your life. You could lose your driving privileges, experience significant jail time, earn a permanent criminal record, and permanently impair your reputation and/or employment prospects.

At The Law Offices of Kevin J. Roach, LLC, we have helped hundreds of people just like you — drivers who have been inaccurately or unfairly charged with DUI or DWI while operating a vehicle in O’Fallon, Missouri. We believe we can help you too.

There are at least two sides to every story. In our office, we understand that nobody is perfect — and that includes the police. They often make mistakes, ranging from procedural violations to false accusations and unlawful arrests. Our job is to defend your rights while holding police and prosecutors accountable to the law.

Remember: the laws of Missouri and the United States were designed to protect you. That happens to be the reason that we’re here too.

Attorney Kevin Roach has more than 13 years of experience as an O’Fallon DWI defense attorney. He is committed to making a difference in the result of every case he accepts, always fighting tirelessly to obtain the best possible outcome for his clients.

When you work with Mr. Roach, you’ll get to meet with an experienced and strategic attorney in a confidential, nonjudgmental setting. He’ll make sure that you understand the charges against you and your rights under the law. You can count on him to fight with ceaseless passion to protect your liberty and your quality of life.

O'Fallon DUI Defense Attorney

O’Fallon Has a Reputation for Aggressive DWI Arrests

O’Fallon is a relatively small town in Saint Charles County, located between Lake St. Louis and St. Peters, near Interstates 64 and 70. Its residential population consists of fewer than 80,000 people.

It is surprising, then, that literally hundreds of people are arrested in O’Fallon every year on DUI and DWI charges alone. In fact, in 2013, O’Fallon saw 389 criminal charges — an astounding figure for a city of its size. That is more than one DWI charge every single day!

The police in O’Fallon and Saint Charles County (and throughout much of Missouri) have committed themselves to aggressively pursuing drunk driving cases, and as a result of that aggression, too many mistakes are made. Indeed, you may be a victim of one of those mistakes yourself.

Even if you believe you might have been intoxicated at the time of your arrest, you may be surprised to discover that the state has failed to meet its legal burdens and that you are not subject to conviction. Please never make assumptions about your legal rights without talking to an experienced O’Fallon DWI defense lawyer first. There is simply too much on the line.

Attorney Kevin Roach is familiar with the tactics of the prosecutors and police in O’Fallon and Saint Charles as an experienced O'Fallon DUI defense attorney. He is ready to challenge their assertions and aggressively defend your rights both in and out of court. You can count on The Law Offices of Kevin J. Roach, LLC to fight for you on every front.


If fewer than 15 days have passed since your arrest, you should contact our office without delay. There may still be time to protect your driving privileges before they are automatically taken away.

The sooner our office gets involved, the sooner we can begin making a difference. Time is of the essence, and that is particularly true if you are still within 15 days of your arrest. Please do not wait a moment longer before getting in touch with us.

Experienced Representation from an O’Fallon DUI Defense Attorney

Being charged with a DWI is an extremely difficult and frightening experience, but it is not the end of the world.

There is still hope. Hiring the right Missouri criminal defense attorney can make all the difference. Please know that attorney Kevin J. Roach is firmly committed to achieving the very best possible outcome in every case he accepts. Get in touch to find out how he might be able to help in yours.

To get started, please contact our office online or call 636-519-0085 and set up a free consultation with our O’Fallon DWI defense lawyer. It may be one of the most important phone calls you ever make.

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