St. Louis Workers’ Compensation Claims Provide Many Benefits

Injured workers in Missouri are entitled to Medical Treatment Paid For by the Insurance Company

First of all, the employee is entitled to medical treatment and this has to be paid by the insurance company, they get to choose where you go, but they have to pay for the medical treatment.

Second benefit you get is weekly pay.  Missouri law requires the insurance company to pay you 66% of your gross wages. However, in Missouri, you may not get paid for the first 3 days. For example, if you are injured at work and miss only 3 days, you're not entitled to receive reimbursement for those 3 days. But if you are out for a total of 2 weeks or longer, then they have to reimburse you for those 3 days, it's called the waiting period. So when you're injured in Missouri, you won't get any weekly benefits till after the 2 week waiting period passes, and then you will be paid 66% of your wages for that time you lost from work.

Employers Pay Back Pay as well whereas They Are not Obligated to Pay for the first 3 days

Interviewer:  Do you get retro-pay when it comes to that?

Kevin Roach:  Yes, injured workers are entitled to back pay but many time the insurance company refuses to pay or delays payment to punish workers.

Missouri Employers Failing to Report an Injury is a Common Occurrence

Interviewer:  What happens if an Employer fails to report?

Kevin Roach:  This happens frequently. Under the Missouri law, if an employer knowingly fails to report an injury in a timely manner, the employer is subject to a fine or imprisonment or both. And what I always tell people, if this happens, contact division of fraud and not compliance unit and that would definitely get their employers attention because this is a problem that you run into on a regular basis with employers not wanting to provide benefits to injured workers and not wanting to make a claim on their insurance which is just another way to harass injured workers.

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