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State Of Missouri Car Towing & Impound Costs

Interviewer: How much would the towing costs be?

Kevin Roach:  It ranges, but the starting cost for a tow could be a couple hundred dollars just for the initial tow fees.

When an Individual is Booked for a DWI, the Car is Towed to the Tow Yard

Interviewer: At what point does someone's car get impounded? Does that happen immediately after the arrest?

Kevin Roach: Yes, typically when you are pulled over for a DUI, they will take you in for booking and they can't just leave your car there on the side of the road so they have to get towed to a tow yard. The tow yard won't let you have your car back until they get paid. They are notorious for charging excessive amounts of money just for a simple tow and maybe to have your car for a few hours. A lot of times, people can't pay it right away and then the charges just keep accumulating.  If the tow bill gets too high, eventually they could auction your car off. It doesn't happen very often but it does happen on occasion.

Once an Individual is Released Following a DWI Arrest, the Car Can be Recovered Immediately from the Tow Yard

Interviewer: When can someone get it back?

Kevin Roach: Typically, once you're released. A lot of the municipal courts and police departments will hold you for a few hours after you're arrested for DUI just to make sure you sober up. Sometimes they let you loose right away if you have a sober driver. You can get your car back almost immediately, depending on the hours of the tow yard. Sometimes the tow yard may tell you that you have to come back at a certain time in the morning or whatnot, but typically you can get your car back right away – unless the police are holding if for some other reason, like if it's evidence or something. Typically for a DUI they don't need if for anything. When arrested for a DUI, they impound your car because they can't leave it abandoned on the side of the road.

Interviewer: All right. Could the judge make some sort of decision to keep someone's car for a certain amount of time? Does that still happen?

Kevin Roach: No, I don't see that at all in St. Louis where they keep your car from you. I don't see that at all.

The Cost of Posting Bail Following a DWI Arrest

Interviewer: Then, we are talking about bail. What are the costs of bail? How does that work?

Kevin Roach: The amount of money that you posted to get out of jail after your arrest really ranges anywhere from as little as $150 up to two or three thousand dollars. It depends on where you are pulled over but typically when you are first arrested for DWI, the bails aren't terribly high. It is usually just a few hundred dollars, but that is one of the costs to consider.

There is No Fee for a DMV Hearing in Missouri

Interviewer: What about the DMV? Are there any fees associated with that, like a restoration fee or anything like that?

Kevin Roach: In Missouri there is no fee for a DMV hearing. That is really a separate issue, but there are no fees for that.

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