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Read below to find out more about expungement law from our St. Louis DWI Expungement Law attorney.

577.054 RSMO.: EXPUNGEMENT: One of the most overlooked statutes dealing with DWI offenses in Missouri law, is also one of the most important. It is the Missouri Statute dealing with expungement of DWI/ BAC convictions from a person’s record. The statute is limited in use, but where available, it will not only remove (expunge) the conviction from a person’s criminal record, but it will also remove it from the person’s driving record.

Should You Get Your Missouri DWI Expunged?

The expungement of a conviction can make a huge difference regarding employment, insurance, etc. It can also make a big difference if a future conviction should ever occur. The reader should note that it will be too late to seek expungement of a prior conviction once a second offense is charged.

St. Louis DWI Expungement Law Attorney

When Can you Get Missouri DWI Expunged?

The statute states, “After a period of not less than ten years, and individual who has pleaded guilty or has been convicted for a first offense alcohol related driving offense which is a misdemeanor or a county or city ordinance violation and which is not a conviction for driving a commercial motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and who since such date has not been convicted of any other alcohol-related driving offense may apply to the court in which he pled guilty or was sentenced for an order to expunge from all official records all recordation of his arrest, plea, trial or conviction.

Who Qualified for Missouri DWI Expungement?

If the court determines after hearing that such person has not been convicted of any alcohol related driving offense in the ten years prior to the date of the application for expungement, and has no other alcohol related enforcement contacts as defined in section 302.525 RSMO., during that ten year period, the court shall enter an order of expungement. The effect of such order shall be to restore such person to the status he occupied prior to such arrest, plea or conviction and as if such event had never taken place.

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