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St. Louis Minor DWI Charges | Missouri Abuse And Lose Law

Click here for changes to Missouri DWI law effective January 1, 2017

St. Louis, MO Under Age DWI & DUI Offenses

In Missouri a driver that is under 21 and has a blood alcohol content BAC of .02% or higher can be cited for driving under the influence.  The laws are stricter for minors because they can’t legally drink alcohol and cause a large number of alcohol related auto accidents.  Our firm handles minor DWI charges in the St. Louis area and would be happy to discuss your case.  For more information call [number type="1"]

Missouri Abuse and Lose law

Section 577.500 of the Missouri Abuse and Lose Law requires Missouri courts to suspend or revoke the driving privileges of any person who is determined to have committed any of the following offenses when they were under 21 years old, upon their plea of guilty, conviction, or finding of guilt.

  1. Any alcohol-related traffic offense;
  2. Any offense involving the possession or use of alcohol, committed while operating a motor vehicle;
  3. Any offense involving the possession or use of a controlled substance;
  4. Any offense involving the alteration, modification or misrepresentation of a license to operate a motor vehicle; and
  5. Any offense involving the possession or use of alcohol for a second time if both offenses were committed when the person was under 18 years of age.

The driver license suspension period for a 1st offense Missouri Abuse and Lose Law violation is 90 days.  The driver license revocation period for the 2nd and subsequent Missouri Abuse and Lose Law violations is 1 year.

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Kevin Roach is a St. Louis DWI attorney and has successfully defended thousands of cases.  We understand the charges you are facing and will help protect your rights and ensure the best possible outcome.  Call to today to schedule a free consultation [number type="1"]

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