Lyft Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

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Lyft Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

Most people count on ride share services to get them where they need to go. You probably don’t think too much about your safety when you get into the vehicle. You rely on the driver and count on the fact that he has experience and a good driving record. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen while riding in a Lyft or other ride share vehicle. If you were hurt in a ride share accident you may be owed money for your injuries. Call an experienced Lyft accident lawyer in Los Angeles to get the help you need.

What to Do If You Were a Lyft Accident

Lyft accidents aren’t common but they do happen from time to time. When you are the passenger in a Lyft vehicle that is involved in a crash you may be extremely frightened. This is certainly a stressful situation. The driver should stop and call the police. However, if the driver doesn’t call the police, you should make the call. It is important to have a police report that documents the accident. You may need to contact a Lyft accident lawyer in Los Angeles if you were hurt in the crash.

Make sure that you obtain the name, driver’s license and insurance information of your Lyft driver. You should take photos of the accident whenever possible. However, only do so if it is safe. Provide details of the accident to the police and seek medical care for your injuries.

The police will make will gather witness statements, investigate the accident and make a report. This report will be important later if you need to file a lawsuit. In addition to calling the police, you should also contact Lyft to report the accident. Don’t rely on the driver to do so because he may not want to jeopardize his job.

How a Lyft Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles Will Help

Accidents with injuries are often difficult to resolve, but when there is a ride share involved the situation is more complex. You deserve money for your damages such as compensation for medical bills, money for pain and suffering and for lost wages. An experienced Lyft accident lawyer in Los Angeles will sort out the situation to help protect your rights and get you the compensation you are owed.

Your attorney will take steps to resolve the case and get you the money owed from the negligent party. He will gather evidence about the crash, documentation of your injuries and speak to witnesses. Your lawyer will act on your behalf to negotiate a settlement for your damages.

You need to concentrate on healing from your injuries and you don’t want to worry about the details of resolving the case. Your Lyft accident lawyer in Los Angeles will handle the entire situation and take your fear and stress away. The negligent driver will be held responsible for your damages and will be required to pay for all expenses that you incurred as a result. Contact our knowledgeable legal team to discuss your case today.

Lyft Accident Lawyer Los Angeles
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