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Whether you need a visa, are facing deportation or removal or are seeking citizenship or naturalization, you need the services of qualified LA immigration attorneys. With so much in the news about immigration it is helpful to have an experienced attorney to assist you with legal matters surrounding immigration. The rules and laws regarding immigration may fluctuate so it is necessary to seek guidance from trusted LA immigration attorneys.

Immigration Issues

There are many complicated rules and laws that govern immigration and they are subject to change. It is helpful to meet with qualified LA immigration attorneys to assist you in determining how to file for your visa or how to resolve a problem. There are many various types of visas that are available and you may meet the criteria for at least one of them. Your lawyer will help you understand how to determine which visa best meets your needs and assist with the process.

Deportation is a concern for many immigrants. If you receive a notice to appear you must not disregard it. Instead, you should talk to an attorney before the hearing date. You must attend the hearing or a decision to deport may be likely. There are some options to defend deportation but you need to act quickly. Do not hesitate to contact a lawyer for help.

Citizenship and Naturalization

Many people desire to come to the United States on a permanent basis. There is a path towards citizenship. First, an immigrant should obtain a green card.  A green card is also known as permanent residency. You must fulfill a number of requirements in order to qualify to apply for permanent residency.

Naturalization is a process that allows permanent residents to become citizens. A naturalized citizen generally has the same rights as other citizens of the United States. You must go through a process for naturalization including passing a test on American history and must be able to speak and understand English. Your lawyer will help you get on the path towards citizenship.


Those who are seeking asylum in the United States may need help from LA immigration attorneys. Asylum is often needed for those who are fleeing homelands due to persecution. Immigrants may come from many various countries seeking protection in the United States. Matters of immigration include submitting an application for asylum, interviews and immigration hearings. Asylum issues can be complex and require dedicated LA immigration attorneys to assist you.

Asylum is generally granted based on persecution in your homeland based on religion, race, gender, political beliefs, sexual orientation and affiliations. Depending on your particular situation, you may be able to apply for asylum. Once granted asylum you are allowed to remain in the country but must renew your status from time to time. You and your immediate family members may apply.

You can get your immigration questions answered and get support throughout the immigration process with assistance from an immigration attorney. Contact Becraft Immigration Law today to discuss your immigration needs and to schedule an appointment.


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