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Fresno Attorneys

fresno attorneys

Client communication is our key to success. We do the “heavy lifting” for you, when you file a claim. We represent you in court, we negotiate with insurance companies, we defend you against your employers’ attorneys. We fight for you at every level. Focused primarily on workers compensation Gray Law Firm has 18 years of experiences in this important area of practice.

Mr. Gray is an experienced attorney in excellent standing with the California State Bar, SBN # 201390.   He is a U.S. Navy veteran (Vietnam-era Navy medic).  Happily married with two daughters.  Hobbies are Fresno State football, Oakland Raiders football, golf, hunting, fishing, travel (29 countries and counting…) and history.

Mr. Gray is in his eighteenth year of  practice in California Workers Compensation Law.  He has represented both defendants and applicants during that period.  He is now in his tenth year of private practice in the Central California area.

Mr. Gray  currently appears at ten, or twelve different WCAB jurisdictions, including Fresno, Bakersfield,   Stockton,   Salinas,   San Francisco,   San Luis Obispo,   Long Beach, Van Nuys,   San Jose,  and  Sacramento.  Interestingly, he also conducted a two-day trial in Bishop (an adjunct of the San Bernardino court!  He knows the judges at most of these courts quite well, because of so many appearances over the years.

The Gray Law Firm provides experienced, legal representation for Applicants who have been injured in the work place. We will represent you for all aspects of your workers’ comp. claim, including filing all your legal paper work, dealing with insurance companies, claims examiners (and their attorneys) doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and other health care providers. We are a full service Applicant’s law firm.

Fresno Attorneys

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