Every nursing home has the same obligation to keep their residents safe. This includes both the duty to provide skilled nursing care and to maintain an overall safe environment.

Sadly, every year, hundreds of nursing home residents suffer injuries. These could result from simple negligence on the part of nursing home leadership or even instances of intentional abuse. No matter the source of the harm, when the nursing home is responsible, a resident has the ability to demand compensation.

A Eureka nursing home injury lawyer may be able to help pursue a claim for compensation. A personal injury attorney could work diligently to gather evidence, help people understand the law, and work to hold nursing homes liable for their failures to keep their residents safe.

Nursing Home Legal Obligations

Many people require the around-the-clock care available in a nursing home. Retirement or nursing homes often offer services ranging from assisted living help to skilled nursing care and hospice.

Each resident has rights under the law. The state provides residents with a Bill of Rights that guarantees proper medical care, privacy, and freedom from fear of injury. Unfortunately, nursing homes often fail to live up to this legal standard. As a result, an injury due to a nursing home’s negligence may serve as the basis for an injury lawsuit. An attorney could help you by providing more information about nursing homes in Eureka and their obligations to care for their residents.

How Do Nursing Home Injuries Occur?

Injuries that occur in nursing homes are sadly common. Nursing homes have an absolute duty to provide this help with day to day needs of their residents.

Something as simple as a loose handrail in a shower or a patch of loose carpeting in a hallway can cause a slip or fall. These incidents can result in severe injuries for elderly residents that may require a stay in the hospital to correct.

Trip and falls are one example of an injury that may result from an accident. Other accidental injuries can include:

  • Dehydration or malnourishment
  • Emotional trauma from a lack of socialization
  • Bedsores from not being turned in bed with appropriate frequency
  • Injuries that result from nurses or aides not using proper techniques to move residents

Unfortunately, not every injury is the result of a mistake. Nursing homes often employ people who have a desire to maintain a level of control over another human being. This leads to predators and abusers seeking employment. If allowed to interact with residents, these people may use unapproved methods of discipline or even outright attack patients. A nursing home that does not properly screen its employees is liable for any resulting injury. A lawyer in Eureka could investigate the cause of a nursing home injury and hold all responsible parties accountable.

A Eureka Nursing Home Injury Attorney Could Help

Nursing home injuries are a common form of trauma for elderly people. Although these facilities have an absolute duty to keep their residents safe, injuries that result from accidents, medical malpractice, or even intentional abuse are not rare.

Any person who suffers these injuries while under the care of a nursing home has the right to demand compensation. This can include payments for medical bills, emotional trauma, and lost quality of life. A Eureka nursing home injury attorney can help you to pursue these cases. Contact us today to discuss your options.