Employers Cannot Legally Restrain An Employee From Filing A Workers Compensation Claim

Interviewer:  Do employers put up certain guidelines, or certain regulations that make it more difficult for the employee to file for workers comp and also different ways that they get employees to get discouraged from filing? Any barriers they put up, like any rules and regulations that they put up to discourage an employer or employee from filing?

Kevin Roach:  Well, they can't legally do that. I don't know, there is nothing that they can legally do like that but a lot of employers do make it clear in their own way that if someone files a claim, he's not going to have a job.  When this happens I put the employer and or his attorney on notice that we plan on documenting and or filing a retaliation claim.  This normally puts a stop to all the nonsense.

What is your Missouri Workers Compensation case worth?

Interviewer:  When an employee, or someone is injured on the job, do they give you a call and kind of give you a description because as long as you are kind of working on these kind of cases, can you get an idea based on the description of their injury, is it serious and what they are entitled to in a claim?

Kevin Roach:  Yes, you can almost always tell after doing an initial consultation with someone that has been injured at work as to whether or not their claim is worth pursuing or not.  I try to give people a realistic picture of what benefits they may or may not be entitled.  People sometime want to know what their case is worth in terms of settlement value and I provide that as well.  The value of a Missouri Workers’ Compensation claim is based on many factors which can vary widely from case to case.

it, pro se, just give them instructions on what they need to do and where they need to go on that.

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