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Criminal Defense

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The Law Offices of Kevin J. Roach, L.L.C. is an aggressive, statewide criminal defense law firm based in St. Louis, Missouri. Criminal lawyer Kevin J. Roach is licensed in all state, federal, and municipal courts in Missouri, and he is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys.

Our criminal law firm has successfully represented thousands of people charged with felonies and misdemeanors throughout the state of Missouri. If you or a family member has been charged with a crime, you deserve to have an experienced and dedicated St. Louis criminal lawyer on your side. Contact us today for a free criminal law case evaluation.

Facing Criminal Charges? We can help

Being charged with a crime is a very serious matter, and it can leave you with a helpless feeling in the pit of your stomach. When the state is trying to convict you of a crime, it can seem overwhelming. Nobody wants a criminal conviction on his or her record. If the state has charged you with a crime, it is essential to aggressively defend against such charges. We will give you the worst case-best case scenario and all the possible outcomes of your case to help you decide how you want to proceed.

Whether you are charged with a simple misdemeanor or a serious felony such as a drug offense, sexual assault, theft, or assault, our firm will vigorously defend your rights and ensure that you are treated fairly.

We offer tough representation and sound advice. Sometimes it is in our client’s best interest to negotiate a deal with the state, while other times, it is best to go to trial. Either way, we will provide you with honest answers and a zealous defense.

Affordable and Effective Criminal Defense

At our firm, your initial consultation is always free, and we are available to meet with you and your family at times that are most convenient for you. During the first meeting, we will discuss your case and come up with a comprehensive plan to resolve whatever legal issue you may be facing. Legal fees and costs are always discussed up front. We always try to provide clients with flexibility in our attorney fees and offer payment plans if necessary.

The First Few Days Following Your Arrest are Critical

During the critical moments following your arrest and throughout the criminal process, we can help you navigate these uncharted waters. If you have been arrested, do not delay in consulting our legal team. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to representing our clients. Instead, we know that every case has a unique set of facts that need to be thoroughly analyzed to provide our clients with the best defense possible.

Defenses to Criminal Charges

Just because you have been charged with a crime does not mean that you will be convicted. Effective and experienced criminal defense attorney, Kevin J. Roach, will evaluate your situation and offer advice regarding whether you should fight the charges or adopt an aggressive negotiation position to get a deal that is best for you. Some of the criminal defenses that Attorney Roach may employ in your case include:

  • Motion to Suppress, questioning law enforcement’s right to stop and search you or enter your residence, and whether or not reasonable suspicion and probable cause was present.
  • Discovery motions to obtain evidence from the police and prosecutor that might help prove your innocence.
  • Challenging procedures and evidence, making sure that the results of any chemical tests allegedly proving that you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol are made available to you so that they can be contested.
  • Expert witnesses, who may refute the evidence against you or explain complex procedures that may be making you look guilty when you are not.

Focusing on Client Satisfaction

We are dedicated to personal attention, responsiveness, and fighting for our clients. What sets our firm apart from others is the level of service and commitment to our clients’ individual legal needs. If you have been arrested for any felony or misdemeanor crime in Missouri, or if you are being investigated for a crime, contact an experienced St. Louis criminal defense lawyer immediately for a free consultation. We Can Help You!

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Kevin J. Roach is a St. Louis criminal defense attorney who has defended thousands of criminal cases in the St. Louis Metro area. Contact our firm today at (636) 519-0085 or (866) 519-0085 for your free consultation.

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