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St. Louis First Time Offender Court Costs for DUI

Interviewer: For a first time offense, what are some of the court costs that people are going to have to pay?

Kevin Roach: For a first offense DWI, typically, there are court costs you would have to pay. Those range anywhere from fifty dollars up to a couple hundred dollars, depending on what court you are in. Sometimes, also along with the court cost are fines. Normally people are pulled over for speeding or weaving or something like that. There are usually fines on the companion ticket for the DWI. Usually the fines on the companion ticket are usually anywhere from three to five hundred dollars.

The Costs Associated With Court Mandated Classes for DWI Offenders

Interviewer: You mentioned also that there are classes that someone may be required to attend. Do people have to pay for those?

Kevin Roach: Yes, in Missouri when you are arrested for DWI you typically have to go to a class called SATOP. The way it works is you initially have to schedule a screening, which determines which class you go into. The total cost just to do the screening is $375. Then there is an additional cost for the class, depending on which class you get. If you get the level one class, it is an additional $130. It goes all the way up to level four. If you get the level four class, there is an additional $1,500 that you have to pay.

Some People May Qualify for Subsidies on Costs Associated with these Classes

I should point out that some people qualify for subsidies on these, depending on their income level. Sometimes they will give you a break on the cost. You have to fill out a form in order to see if you qualify for a reduction in the fees.

The Cost of Installing Ignition Interlock Devices Following DWI Conviction

Interviewer: The other thing that I wanted to ask about was the ignition interlock device. What's the cost of that? Are there any monthly fees for that?

Kevin Roach: Yes, initially there are a lot of fees that really vary. There's a hook up fee of a certain amount to get the device hooked up on your car. Then, usually the fees run around a hundred dollars a month for the ignition interlock.

Interviewer: How long, generally, does someone have to have the ignition interlock for?

Kevin Roach: Usually it’s for a minimum of thirty days. Most people have to have it for at least six months. If you have a second offense DUI or DWI, the state requires that you have it on your car for six months once you are fully reinstated. It may be required for a month or two before you are fully reinstated. Then once you are reinstated, there’s a six-month requirement in Missouri.

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