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St Louis SCRAM Cost & Other Issues

Interviewer: Have there been any issues with the SCRAM that you’ve had to deal with your clients? Have there been any violations or situations that they were unclear about?

Kevin Roach: I’ve had a couple of situations where clients of mine have had to travel for business out of the country. We had asked the courts for permission to remove the SCRAM bracelets because it’s very hard to get through airport security and customs with an ankle monitor on you. Essentially the TSA – they won’t let you do security with it on there. That’s one of the issues I’ve seen with them.

Another big issue that I see with most people is the cost. It can cost several hundred dollars a month for these SCRAM monitors. If you have to have it on you for an extended period of time, it can be thousands and thousands of dollars.

A lot of times people won’t have the ability to pay the SCRAM fees. We’ll have to petition to the court arguing that it’s undue hardship on them and come up with some other options in lieu of the SCRAM monitor.

Typically, if you can afford it and you want to keep your job and stay out of jail, then the SCRAM monitor, a lot of times, is a very good option for many people. This is especially true if they have numerous offenses and are trying to stay out of jail. That’s definitely a viable option a lot of times for people.

Interviewer: You mentioned the cost. Do you happen to know any of the cost someone might have to be paying for it?

Kevin Roach: The costs vary from company to company. I know there’s a one-time installation that can cost anywhere from $50 to $100 a month. Then the monthly monitoring can be as high as $450 a month.

A lot of times, newer technologies come up. I know the old SCRAMs couldn’t get wet, so there were people that would jump in a pool or they just forget that they have the thing on and then they would get hit with this big fee for a new bracelet because they ruined it by accident.

The new ones I believe are waterproof – I’m not 100% sure on that – but that’s another issue that comes up. I’ve also heard that these SCRAM monitors do malfunction a lot. You get false positives on them a lot of times. I’ve heard that from numerous people. It’s just very sensitive. If you just have some mouthwash or something, it can set the thing off. That’s another problem that I’ve seen with the SCRAM bracelets.

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