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Common Types Of Crimes That People Are Generally Unaware Of

Interviewer: Are there any examples of theft that people aren't commonly aware of? Let me ask you this: Tax fraud. What is tax fraud, how does it relate to theft and what sort of trouble can someone get into?

Kevin Roach: Tax fraud, that would be considered more of a white-collar type crime. If you, for instance, didn't disclose the full amount of your income, the IRS could come knocking, or you could potentially be charged with stealing, if you fill out a fraudulent tax return. Typically those cases, a lot of times are federal cases because they involve the mail, but yea, that's another form of stealing. Some people might not realize that it's stealing but I think you'd have to be pretty dumb to not know that throwing out a fraudulent tax return is not stealing.

Auto Theft Charges are common in St. Louis City

Interviewer: Are you seeing a lot of auto theft these days?

Kevin Roach: No, you see a fair amount of auto theft, primarily in the St. Louis city you see it, but it's not a real common charge. You might see a handful of those cases a year but not a big one that I see in my office on a regular basis.

Passing a Bad Check is a Fairly Common Offense in St. Louis

Interviewer: What sort of theft are hot checks, or checks that bounce? Is that going to be something minimum because it might be a misunderstanding, or can they be charged for forgery for that as well?

Kevin Roach: Passing a bad check is a very common offense that I see on a regular basis. That would be one of those crimes you referred to earlier, that maybe someone commits and doesn't realize they're committing it. Passing a bad check is a form of stealing, and if it's over $500 it can be charged as a felony. You can also be charged with fraud if you're doing it on a regular basis. A lot of times there's legitimate defense to those cases, maybe the check bounced and maybe it was bad timing with the flow of money into the account. It's fairly common.

Examples of White Collar Theft in the State of Missouri

Interviewer: What are some examples of white collar theft?

Kevin Roach: An example of White collar theft would be if someone was working, doing the books for a business and they had control of the check books and all the other, they would have to have control, let's say if they were like the CFO or the CPA they would have control of that, I've had cases in the past where individuals, they may have felt a stronghold or something, they've written checks to themselves which they weren't supposed to do or maybe they've taken money out of the petty cash.

White Collar Theft Offenders are Generally Very Creative with their Methodology

A lot of times these people are very creative, they may write a check to a vendor, it might be too much, they know the vendor's going to send money back, so they know they can keep that money. So yes, white collar crime is typically someone who's doing it, they don't have a gun and a mask, they're doing it deceptively, a lot of times through their employer or maybe over the internet, they're committing some sort of scheme to defraud someone of their money.

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