St. Louis Car Accident Attorneys

Interviewer: What are some of the types of trucking accident that you see?

Kevin Roach: I represent a lot of truckers as well as individuals that have been hit by truckers.  For some reason, I see a lot of truck drivers who are injured.  Sometimes it’s their fault and sometimes it isn’t.

If it’s not their fault, then you can file a workers’ compensation claim and also pursue a third party claim against the at-fault driver.  Trucking cases can be challenging because there are normally many layers of insurance coverage.  For instance, the trucking company has coverage and many times the trucker has his own coverage.  The at-fault driver may also have coverage and there may also be workers compensation coverage.  Often times, finding all the coverage in commercial vehicle cases is very difficult and time consuming.  Fortunately, my office has had successful results in obtaining coverage in these matters and has learned the layers of trucking coverage.

There Can Be Catastrophic Injuries Sustained in Truck Collisions

When it comes to trucking accidents, you are usually dealing with more serious injuries.  If someone is in a passenger car and they’re hit by a semi-truck, there are usually catastrophic injuries or death.

Interviewer:  You mentioned wrongful death cases.  Have you worked with those?

Wrongful Death Suits Can Arise from Collisions with Commercial Vehicles Due to the Severity of Injuries Sustained in the Accidents

Kevin Roach: Yes, absolutely.  I do handle a fair amount of wrongful death cases as well.  If you do trucking cases, you typically do wrongful death cases, because a lot of those trucking cases unfortunately involve fatalities.  These normally get a lot of publicity in the news due to the severity of the accident, especially if someone loses their life.

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