Hundreds of thousands of people’s everyday lives are impacted every year due to Uber auto accident injury. Sadly, many accident victims are killed or sustain major traumas that will require considerable medical care. If you, a family member, or a friend has become the victim of a vehicle accident, contacting our Chesterfield, MO automobile accident lawyer is one of the most important strategies you can take to ensure the responsible driver is brought to justice and that you can recover the funds you want to have for medical-related expenses, wage loss, and more.

Prior to proceeding with a vehicle accident claim, it is essential that an experienced car accident lawyer serving Chesterfield, MO will evaluate your specific case.

It’s additionally necessary that you do not consult with the other vehicle driver’s insurance agency, because they will undoubtedly be looking to construct their opposing arguments and defense against your claim/case and can use whatever you tell them against you.

Following a vehicle accident injury, it is imperative that you remember the following list:

Chesterfield, MO Uber Auto Accident Injury Attorney

Chesterfield, MO uber auto accident injury Attorney

Contact the Police by Calling 911

  • The Police will provide a police report for your automobile accident
  • They can assist you by addressing any questions you need to know
  • Contact the Paramedics if anyone is hurt, contact the paramedics to come help them

Ask for the Other Automobile Accident Driver’s Information:

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Address
  3. Telephone Number
  4. Driver License Number
  5. Driver’s License Expiration
  6. Ask for their Auto Insurance Policy Information
  7. Auto Insurance Policy Number
  8. Insurance Policy Expiration Date

Get their Truck, Car, or Motorcycle’s Information

  1. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  2. Plate Number
  3. License Plate Expiration Date

Take Photographs that Include:

  • Various Multiple Angles of Pics of the Auto Accident Scene
  • A Variety of Varied Sides of the Automobiles Involved in the Accident
  • Pics of Your Injuries if Possible
Injury and Auto Accident Attorney, Kevin J. Roach

Kevin J Roach, Chesterfield, MO Uber Auto Accident Injury Attorney

Call The Law Offices of Kevin J. Roach, LLC, Chesterfield, MO Area Uber Auto Accident Injury Attorney

It is additionally crucial that you do not say any admission of guilt to anybody included in the auto collision or to any of the insurance adjusters. Oftentimes, as a result of a car or truck accident, many people are confused and they state points that may not be completely true. By confessing the automobile accident was your responsibility, even if it wasn’t, you could severely hinder your car accident claim.

The Law Offices of Kevin J. Roach will work with you to recuperate from your automobile accident. Not only do you have the right to have your car and medical expenses paid for, while you can also recover from pain, suffering, loss of wages, and many other damages that you may have to experience. Call today for a free consultation (636) 519-0085

Typical Car Accident Injury Questions

Question: How to Select a Vehicle Accident and Injury Lawyer to Help You in Chesterfield, MO?

Kevin’s Response: For instance, someone is searching on Google and researching law firms. Once they had their automobile accident and they are looking for an law firm to help them, what indicators and traits should they seek? What ought to someone ultimately demand to have and, additionally, what are some things to avoid? You want an attorney at law who is competent in the area of law that you’re trying to find. If you have been injured in an auto accident within Chesterfield, MO Missouri, you want a Missouri car accident lawyer. Obviously you wouldn’t need a criminal law firm. You do not want to choose a probate attorney. You need a lawyerthat handles plenty of personal injury cases near Chesterfield, MO, and who is familiarized with the local courts.

You want an attorney that’s been practicing for many years. I’m in no doubt there are plenty of good lawyers that have only been practicing for a only a handful of years, but it’s probably a safer bet to retain a more seasoned law firm that’s been practicing injury law for at minimum 10 years and who has learned the intricacies of that area of law so you are represented well.

FAQ: How are Attorneys Paid In Auto Accident Cases? If I were to retain a law firm, how does he or she get paid? What are they eligible to receive? Is there commonly a contingency split? What should I Know?

Kevin J. Roach: How it is setup for vehicle accident injuries and all accidental injury is a contingency fee. We does not ask for any payment beforehand for attorney’s fees or expenditures. The only way that we get a fee is if we win a settlement for you, our client on your accident injury case. Some cases are less difficult than others to get recovery; some are extremely complex and it may be tough to obtain a settlement, but there is no legal fee except in cases where there is recovery. Usually the contingent attorney’s fees can be more or less expensive. For work comp personal injuries, the typical contingent fee is 25%. For automobile accident cases, the contingent fee is usually 33.3%. On those cases where you have to go to trial or you must file suit and proceed to trial, the lawyer’s fees are a little more than 40%. That’s commonly what the majority of the cases fall into: 25%, 33%, or 40%, depending upon what variety of accident injury case it is and precisely what the duties required to move forward on the case.