While boating is often a source of leisurely fun, an error in judgement could have devastating results. Even the most responsible boat operators can suffer severe injuries in a boating accident.

If you have been injured in a boat accident, you might require assistance from an experienced injury attorney. An accomplished Chesterfield boat accident lawyer could advise you on applicable law and help you file a claim against the at-fault party or parties.

Boat Wreck Prevention

In many cases, a watercraft accident is a preventable tragedy caused by human error. For this reason, vessel operators must take steps to reasonably prevent causing harm to themselves and others while on Missouri waterways. These steps can include:

  • Never operating a boat while intoxicated
  • Only operating a boat with adequate training
  • Avoiding inclement weather or dangerous waters
  • Being aware of other people or boats on the waterways
  • Obeying all speed limits, waterway signs, and waterway navigational rules
  • Properly maintaining boat equipment

Unfortunately, even the most careful boat operator could be harmed in an accident by another negligent or reckless boater. Fortunately, those harmed in watercraft collisions could seek financial compensation with the help of a local attorney.

Filing a Watercraft Accident Report

Boating crashes often involve speeding, reckless behavior, or intoxication. These accidents often result in life-altering, sometimes fatal, injuries. Those harmed in these collisions are legally required to file a report within 48 hours for accidents that involve:

  • A person dying within 24 hours of an accident
  • A person needing emergency first aid
  • A boat or vessel with more than $500 in damages
  • A person vanishing from a vessel and suffering a severe injury or dying

After an injured party reports their accident to the nearest boating authority, the actions they take could affect the outcome of their settlement. A seasoned boat wreck attorney in Chesterfield could advise an injured party against actions that could prevent a fair settlement. Under Missouri law, an injured party must file their personal injury lawsuit within five years of the accident date.

Negligent Boater Liability

People using local waterways have the right to be protected from the negligent or reckless actions of others. Under Missouri law, operators of all vessels must provide this protection to boaters, swimmers, and all others using the waterways.  If vessel operators violate these boating laws, and harm others in the process, they could be held liable for any resulting harm.

For instance, some boaters create unsafe conditions by operating their vessels while intoxicated. In other circumstances, a manufacturing company produced defective watercrafts that resulted in a collision. It could also be possible for two or more parties to be responsible for the boating accident.

A negligent boater could be held liable and obligated to provide financial compensation to an injured party for their losses. An accomplished lawyer in the area could investigate all possible causes of an injured party’s boat wreck and make sure the at-fault party is held responsible.

Call a Chesterfield Boat Accident Attorney for Help

An act of carelessness or recklessness can cause a devastating boat crash. These accidents could cause severe head trauma, spinal cord damage , or potentially even be fatal.

A qualified Chesterfield boat accident lawyer could work diligently to hold the at-fault party or parties responsible for all the damages they caused you. Contact our firm today to speak with one of our trusted attorneys about your legal options.