Yolandias Patterson injured in Cape Girardeau motorcycle accident

On Saturday, September 15, Yolandias Patterson, a 44-year old resident of Jackson, was badly injured in a motorcycle accident on County Road 343, south of Highway 34, in Cape Girardeau county.

The accident occurred at approximately 2:30 PM when Roy Walther, 67, of Jackson, crossed over the center line and struck Mr. Patterson’s Suzuki motorcycle head-on, causing Mr. Patterson to be violently expelled from the vehicle.

According to the official crash report Mr. Patterson suffered serious injury and had to be rushed to St. Francis Medical Center via the Cape Girardeau county ambulance service for further observation and treatment.

Unfortunately, Mr. Patterson’s motorcycle was totaled and had to be towed from the scene. Mr. Walther suffered no injuries and only minor damage to his vehicle.