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Trucking Accidents – Who is Responsible?

truck accident attorneyFor individuals who have been injured in trucking accidents, it can be difficult to make sense of the situation in front of you. No one ever expects to be involved in a serious collision, and when it happens, few of us know where to turn. This confusion is only compounded by the fact that multiple parties may be responsible for your losses.

Determining Fault in a Tractor Trailer Collision

Placing blame after a trucking accident is often very difficult. Any number of factors can lead to collision, and analyzing the evidence to determine who is at fault requires special knowledge and expertise. Often, numerous parties are to blame.These frequently include:

The Truck Driver

Driving a tractor-trailer also requires special knowledge and expertise. These trucks are big, heavy, have unique controls, and can be extremely difficult to control in dangerous circumstances. However, those who choose to drive for a living take on the responsibility to keep themselves and others safe on the roadways. When a truck driver causes an accident, it is often due to:

  •       Distracted driving
  •       Driving while fatigued or falling asleep behind the wheel
  •       Speeding
  •       Aggressive driving
  •       Reckless driving
  •       Failure to maintain control
  •       Negligence

The Trucking Company

The trucking company can also be to blame. For example, if the driver wasn’t licensed to drive commercial vehicles or didn’t have the skills necessary to drive a truck with a particular kind of load, the trucking company can be held responsible for either knowingly or negligently hiring an unqualified employee. Overloading and failing to properly secure loads also lead to accidents. If the truck is not properly maintained – if its brakes wear out or a tire blows – this is yet another scenario where the trucking company may be responsible for your injuries.

The Truck Manufacturer

Sometimes, the truck itself can be a contributing factor in the accident. Manufacturers issue recalls all the time for dangerous design flaws and defective parts. With commercial trucks, the effects of a sudden brake or engine failure can be catastrophic.

In defect cases, it is possible for other companies to be responsible as well. Many manufacturers use parts built by other companies, and truck bodies are often built or modified by “upfitters” that specialize in certain applications.

Other Drivers

Last but not least, other drivers can cause trucking accidents as well. The dangerous and negligent actions that lead to ordinary vehicle collisions can just as easily lead to major, highway-closing accidents involving tractor-trailers. Drivers need to be aware of the fact that trucks are more difficult to maneuver and take longer to slow down – and adapt their driving behaviors accordingly.

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