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Slip and Fall at the Gym: Can I Sue?

St. Louis Slip and Fall Lawyer - Law Offices of Kevin J Roach, LLCThe gym is supposed to be a place that helps you stay healthy; however, with all of the cluttered equipment, sweat, water in the showers, and towels left on the floor, there are plenty of things inside your gym that could cause a slip and fall. Accidents are common in the gym – and most are not directly related to the workout itself. If you slip and fall, you may wonder if you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. Lawsuits against gymnasiums are complex and have legal gray area, which is why it is best that you contact a personal injury lawsuit any time you are injured on someone else’s property.

Liability Waivers: What if You Signed One?

When you signed up for your gym membership, you probably signed a liability waiver. This is a gym’s attempt to avoid any responsibility if you are injured on their premises. This waiver states that you cannot sue them if you are hurt while working out, and that you must workout at your own risk. However, in a personal injury case, these waivers are often determined unenforceable by the court because:

  • Total waivers of liability are too vague. A gym will use a blanket statement waiver stating that any type of injury that occurs on their premises is ineligible for lawsuit. This total liability waiver is overly broad and rarely held up by the court.
  • Waivers of intentional acts are against public policy. Some gyms will have their members sign a waiver for intentional acts – meaning that they are absolved of anyone’s reckless or intentional conduct that results in an injury. These are not only unenforceable by the court, but against public policy.

The Expectations of a Safe Workout Environment

Gyms are required to provide their paying customers and visitors with a safe property, and owners can be held liable if any injuries occur because of an unsafe environment. Known as premise liability, business owners are required to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of their gym. This can include performing repairs and inspections, as well as rectifying any potential defects or dangers within a reasonable time frame after they are discovered.

If the gym or the gym’s staff knew about a potential injury risk and ignored it, you could have a viable premise liability claim. For example, the gym had a leaking pipe in the bathroom that slowly leaked water onto the tile, creating a slippery, dangerous surface. Gym owners knew about this leaking pipe, but did nothing to fix it. If you slip and fall on the slick tile surface from that leaking pipe, you may be eligible for compensation.

Did You Slip and Fall at the Gym? Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

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