School Safety Tips for Fall 2015

St. Louis School Safety Attorneys - Law Offices of Kevin J Roach, LLCSummer is behind students and parents alike and students are getting back on schedule. Whether your children will be walking to school, riding their bikes or even taking the bus, keeping them safe is of the utmost importance. With hundreds of students flooding school zones every day, morning and afternoon traffic can become complicated – and extremely dangerous.

Whether you are a student, parent or just a motorist passing by, there are things you can do to help ensure fall 2015 is a safe one for everyone.

Essential Safety Tips for the New School Year

  • When riding the bus – If your child is riding the bus to school, take some time to discuss safety with them – especially when they are walking to or from the bus. Remind them to stay at the curb until the bus driver comes to a full stop and indicates students can enter the bus, and make sure your student knows to always remain on the sidewalk when exiting the bus. Before your child passes behind or in front of the bus to cross the street, they should look both ways for vehicles.
  • When your child is walking to school – When your child walks to and from school, make sure they have an established route that  they walk at all times. Also, make sure that they always walk on the sidewalk; if for some reason there is no sidewalk, they should remain on the street as close to the curb as possible. When on the street, they should also walk so that they are facing on-coming traffic.
  • When your child is riding a bike – Students who ride bikes to and from school are especially vulnerable. Make sure your child always remains in the designated bike lanes and that he or she wears a safety helmet at all times. Consider putting reflective gear on their helmet and backpack to make their bikes more visible and never allow them to ride during poor weather conditions.
  • When you are sharing the road with students – As a motorist, you will be sharing the road frequently with students on their way to school and when they are walking home. Be prepared to stop frequently and always obey posted “school zone” signs and speed limits. Never pass a bus or cut through a crosswalk where children are present, and if there is a crossing guard, do not cross until they have their “stop” sign down.

Was Your Child Injured on Their Way to School?

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