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Saul Arenas Injured in 2-Car Crash in Granby

Saul Arenas Injured in Granby Car Accident on State Highway 86

Saul Arenas

Saul Arenas Injured in 2-Car Crash in Granby

Granby, Missouri (February 4, 2018) – According to a local news source, a 53-year-old Monett man was injured in a two-vehicle crash in  Granby on Friday afternoon.

As per the report, the collision occurred at about 12:30 p.m. February 3, on State Highway 86.

The police said that 56-year-old Carl Judd was driving a car on State Highway 86 when his vehicle drifted into the opposite lanes and collided with an oncoming vehicle driven by Saul Arenas.

Saul sustained moderate injuries in the collision and was transported to Joplin Hospital for treatment.

Judd was unhurt.

No other information was provided.

An investigation to establish the cause of the accident is ongoing.

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