Roosevelt Brown and David Smith harmed in 18-wheeler on 18-wheeler collision at Illinois rest-stop

On Thursday, September 13, 62-year-old Roosevelt Brown was injured, and 48-year-old David Smith’s property was badly damaged, in a crash involving multiple tractor-trailer’s at the Goshen Rest Area on I-64.

The accident began in the early evening when a big-rig driven by an unnamed party failed to slow down upon approaching the rest area before striking a tree and then the two parked rigs operated by Mr. Brown and Mr. Smith.

According to the Illinois State Highway Patrol crash report, Mr. Brown had to be transported via EMS to Good Samaritan Hospital in Mt. Vernon for further observation and treatment, while Mr. Smith was unharmed but had to have his vehicle towed due to damage.

Unfortunately, the unnamed driver of the first truck passed away.

No other drivers or occupants were injured in the accident.

Does it Matter That It Was a Big-Rig Wreck?

One of the most common questions we field when interviewing potential clients is; why does it matter if the vehicle that struck me was a big-rig or other large commercial vehicle? Large commercial vehicles often have different kinds of rules and regulations which govern their operation, and they always have a different type of insurance than that used by normal, non-commercial, drivers. All of these issues make big-rig wrecks unique, though just as easily handled by an experienced litigator such as those at the Roach firm.