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Rainy Day Safety While Driving

car accident attorneyMost people know that snow and ice can create dangerous road conditions, but rain can be just as deadly. In fact, rain is responsible for one of the worst (and most deceiving) road conditions. Dirt and oil buildup on the roadways over time. When a first rain mixes with that layer of grime, it can form a slimy substance that makes the roads precariously slick. As we enter the spring season, it’s a good idea to educate ourselves on the dangers of rainfall when driving, and to take the proper precautions to reduce our risk of an accident.

How to Stay Safe and Avoid a Rain-Related Vehicle Accident

Make sure your vehicle is ready for bad weather. Proper maintenance, good tires, and efficient windshield wipers will dramatically reduce your risk of a rain-related accident. Tires with worn tread can make driving in rain extremely dangerous. You should get your vehicle serviced regularly to make sure it’s always in proper working order.

Pay attention to your speed. While this advice is always useful, it’s especially so in rainy conditions. Hydroplaning occurs when a layer of water forms between the wheels and the surface of the road, and the risk of hydroplaning skyrockets when you speed on wet roads. When you drive at a slower speed, it allows your tires to manage the moisture more effectively. A slower pace also gives you more reaction time if you must come to a quick stop.

Know what to do if you lose control of the vehicle. Even if you’ve taken all the necessary precautions, you may still find yourself in an emergency situation. Knowing what to do if an emergency presents itself can make all the difference in the world. If you lose control of the car or truck, look for an open area of the road. Although you may want to hit the brakes, resist this urge. Tap the brakes lightly, and continue steering as effectively as you can. Avoid jerking the steering wheel to change your direction. Hydroplaning is very sensitive to a change in direction and it could make your situation worse. In most cases, hydroplaning only lasts a few seconds. As your car begins to slow down, your tires will regain their ability to grip the road, and you should regain your ability to control your vehicle.

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