Nicky Whitmore Injured in Bollinger County Crash

On Saturday, September 22, Nicky Whitmore, a 42-year old resident of Fredricktown, was badly injured in a car accident on MO-51 in Bollinger county.

The accident occurred at approximately 1:40 PM when Bethany Penford, 17, of Sedgewickville, struck the vehicle Mr. Whitmore was driving head on. Both vehicles suffered significant damage, and both had to be towed from the scene by a local wrecker service.

According to the official crash report, Mr. Whitmore suffered moderate injury and had to be transported to St. Francois Medical Center via the St. Francois county ambulance service for further observation and treatment. Ms. Penford was not harmed in the incident.

All parties are believed to have been wearing their safety belts at the time of the accident

No criminal charges have been brought against either party.