Melanie Pyle, 42, St. Louis, injured in I-55 car accident

At approximately 4:50 pm on April 24th, Melanie R. Pyle, 42, of St. Louis, MO, was hurt in an I-55 big rig accident. The incident occurred when Ms. Pyle, who was operating a 2015 Honda Pilot in the southbound lane of interstate 55, slowed down to match the speed of traffic. Her vehicle was struck from behind by a tractor trailer operated by Mr. Chadmen Wilson, 33, also of St. Louis. Ms. Pyle’s injuries were described as “moderate” by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, and she was transported to St. Anthony’s Medical Center for treatment and later released. Mr. Wilson was unharmed, and left the scene shortly after the incident.

A traffic accident, especially those involving large commercial vehicles like an 18-wheeler, can be particularly traumatic. We at the law offices of Kevin J. Roach wish Ms. Pyle a quick and thorough recovery.

The Legal Claims

Missouri offers a strong system of personal injury law meant to protect those who are injured due to the negligent acts of another. Here, Mr. Wilson was likely at fault and Ms. Pyle will be able to bring a claim seeking payment for lost wages, pain and suffering, damaged property, and any medical bills incurred as a result of the accident.

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