Josephine A. Rulo, Joseph D. Phelps, other teens, all injured in Washinton County car accident

On Tuesday, June 19, 5 Missouri teenagers were injured in a multi-car accident on MO-21 at Route E. The parties, Josephine A. Rulo, Joseph D. Phelps, Levi J. McClain, and Cameron and Katlynn Aubuchon, were all injured when the vehicle operated by Josephine A. Rulo attempted to execute a left-hand turn and was struck by Joseph D. Phelps. The accident occurred at approximately 9:25 pm, a time of particularly low visibility along that stretch of highway. Joseph D. Phelps and his two passnegers, the Aubuchon’s, were transported by EMS to St. Louis Children’s Hospital. All parties in the Phelps vehicle were wearing their safety belts at the time of the accident. Josephine A. Rulo and Levi J. McClain were transported to Washington County Medical Center by private conveyance. Neither party in the Rulo vehicle was wearing a safety belt during the accident.

A car wreck can be a frightening and even deeply traumatic experience. We at the law offices of Kevin J. Roach wish all parties a quick and thorough recovery.

The Legal Claims

Missouri offers a comprehensive system of personal injury law meant to protect persons who are injured through another party’s negligence. Here, the outcome of any case would likely depend on a determination of fault, and the least-at-fault party would be entitled to payment for any lost wages, pain and suffering, damaged property, and medical bills incurred as a result of the accident.

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