Jeremy Moore and Kristy Tanner injured in Greene County crash

On Sunday, September 16, Jeremy Moore and Kristy Tanner were injured–Mr. Moore badly–in a traffic accident on Farm Road 67 in Greene County, near the town of Republic.

The accident occurred at approximately 1:45 AM when Ryan Nelson, a 35-year old resident of Republic, lost control of the vehicle he, Mr. Moore, and Ms. Tanner were all travelling in. Mr. Nelson’s vehicle then left the roadway before violently overturning on the shoulder.

According to the official crash report Mr. Moore, 32, of Republic, suffered serious injury and had to be rushed to Cox South Hospital for life-saving medical intervention. Ms. Tanner, though involved, was check out at the scene and released by emergency medical personnel.

All parties appear to have been wearing their safety belts at the time of the incident.

Mr. Nelson’s vehicle suffered significant damage and had to be towed from the scene. No other drivers or occupants were involved.