Jeffery Womble injured in St. Francois county traffic accident

On Monday, September 17, Jeffery Womble, a 43-year old resident of Herculaneum, was badly injured in a traffic accident at the intersection of Taylor Avenue and Parkway Drive in St. Francois County.

The accident occurred at approximately 5:00 AM when Christopher Declue, 45, of Park Hill, struck Mr. Womble as he was standing in the intersection attempting to direct traffic around debris in the road. Mr. Declue suffered no injury in the incident, and he was able to drive his vehicle away from the scene upon his release.

According to the official crash report Mr. Womble suffered serious injury and had to be rushed to Parkland Health Center via the St. Francois county ambulance service for life-saving medical intervention.

Authorities are investigating whether or not low visibility may have played a role in the incident.

No criminal charges have been brought against either party.