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Is Missouri an At-Fault State or a No-Fault State?

When it comes to car accidents, determining who is at fault is an important step in determining who will be responsible for paying damages. In the United States, each state has its own set of rules regarding fault, with some states being “at-fault” and others being “no-fault.” So, is Missouri an at-fault or no-fault state? The answer is that Missouri is an at-fault state.

What does it mean to be an at-fault state? In an at-fault state like Missouri, the driver who is determined to be responsible for the accident is also responsible for paying for any damage that result from the accident. The damages will fall into two different categories: economic damages and non-economic damages. 

In Missouri, fault is determined by looking at the actions of each driver involved in the accident. The driver who is found to have been negligent or careless in their actions is typically held responsible for the accident. Missouri uses a system called “pure comparative negligence” to determine fault. This means that even if a driver is found to be partially at fault for an accident, they can still recover damages from the other driver’s insurance company, if the other driver was also at fault.

Types of Insurance Coverage Required for Missouri Residents

It is also important to note that Missouri requires all drivers to carry liability insurance to cover damages in the event of an accident. 

The minimum liability insurance coverage required in Missouri is:

$25,000 per person for bodily injury 

$50,000 per accident for bodily injury

$10,000 per accident for property damage

The minimum uninsured motorist insurance coverage required in Missouri is:

$25,000 per person for bodily injury

$50,000 per accident for bodily injury

If a Missouri resident does not meet these requirements and is found at fault for an accident, they can have their drivers license suspended and potentially have a worse lawsuit filed against them if they cannot pay for the damages that they have caused during the accident.

Determining who is at-fault isn’t always so cut and dry. Even after looking at a police report and the eyewitness statements, it still depends on the facts and how the accident happened. This is where hiring an experienced auto accident lawyer can help you. They are experts at finding all the possible insurance coverages and helping you determine how to move forward with your claim.

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