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How Dangerous Are the New Hoverboards?

St. Louis Wrongful Death Lawyer - Law Offices of Kevin J Roach, LLCOne of the biggest purchases for Christmas 2015 was hoverboards, but these presents may pose more of a risk to their owners than serve as a vessel for fun. Hoverboards have been reported for randomly bursting into flames and some riders have even taken dangerous spills. While no deaths have occurred as of yet, the number of fires and explosions related to these devices have consumers worried.

There are already two lawsuits underway for hoverboard injuries, according to a recent Fox news article. Both are in regards to the hoverboard devices’ propensity to explode and ignite into flames. One Alabama consumer has already had a hoverboard burn their home, while another in New York is suing for their child’s hoverboard catching fire while charging.

Manufacturers of the devices have stated that they will fight these lawsuits, but the number of injury reports continues to grow – especially as more individuals use their hoverboards after receiving them for the holidays. It is already estimated that the number of lawsuits will also continue to grow.

What the Product Safety Commission Is Doing

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is currently investigating 22 reports of hoverboard fires. The agency is also independently testing the hoverboards prone to explosions in their laboratory – but they have not yet issued official warnings on the brands or models. They have, however, issued a broad warning to consumers. Airlines have already banned the products because of their fire hazard – so travelers will not be able to take their hoverboards with them.

Early reports have already indicated that fires are an equal concern across multiple brands. Some of these fires occur while the devices are charging and others while the devices are being used. So far, the cause seems to be related to the use of cheap lithium ion batteries and the devices that were manufactured in China by a slurry of different companies.

Can You Sue for Hoverboard Injuries or Death?

If a device is defective, it falls under product liability and the manufacturer, distributor and even the company marketing that product is liable for any injuries or deaths that may occur. Because cheap batteries have been used, the manufacturer may be liable for injuries because of their use of inappropriate charging devices.

Also, any deaths that occur because of fires or explosions will fall under wrongful death – and victims as well as their families can file a lawsuit against the responsible parties.

Did Your Family Suffer a Wrongful Death from a Defective Product?

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