Cell Phone Use and Car Accidents: A Deadly Combination

Cell phones and car accidents

Using a cellular phone while driving is a growing problem in the United States. Even after the texting ban, Missouri drivers continue to use their cellphones while behind the wheel. The deadly multi-vehicle pileup in Missouri that killed two individuals in August 2010 sparked a national awareness regarding the dangers of texting and driving, as the responsible driver was a 19-year old who had sent and received 11 text messages in 11 minutes.

Missouri, just like other states, changed their laws regarding cell phone use, especially texting, while behind the wheel. Despite these statewide changes, distracted drivers are found daily on their phones while operating their vehicles.

The Facts

Texting while driving makes a person 23 times more likely to be in a serious auto accident. In fact, texting has now surpassed drunken driving for being the greatest contributing factor of fatalities on Missouri highways and roads (according to the MSAC).

Distracted Driving is Dangerous

Each day in the United States, it is estimated that 15 people are killed because of a distracted driver, and thousands more who are injured. Texting, checking email, or talking on a cell phone is quickly becoming the leading cause of serious accidents across the state and country.

It Is Not Just Teens

While some people assume that the biggest culprits are those under the age of 21, there are also adults who are guilty of cell phone use while driving. In addition, parents who text and drive in front of their children influence them to do the same. According to a study by Liberty Mutual and Students Against Destructive Decisions, 59 percent of teens have seen their parents text or use their phone while driving. 91 percent of that same group saw their parents talking on the phone while driving.

How to Prevent Cellphones from Causing More Accidents

Cell phone use, even with hands-free devices, takes a driver’s attention away from the road. It only takes a second to miss something critical. Parents, teens, and older drivers alike can do their part to reduce the chances of causing a fatal accident due to cell phone use by:

  • Putting phones away before getting behind the wheel.
  • Turning phones to “silent” mode so that a driver does not hear any cell phone notifications.
  • Avoiding the use of hands-free devices. While they keep a person’s hands on the wheel, they can still distract a driver from the road ahead, and are not any safer, according to research.
  • Never check emails or text messages, even at a red light.

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